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The deaf brothers in Hebron

Stories from my trip to Palestine...

There are 2 deaf mute brothers in Hebron. They work in the family pottery. Both are regularly beaten up because they can't hear instructions yelled by the IDF.

One of the brother is married and has 3 children, one of whom has down syndrome. They live in a small house beside his father's house. He owns an old Cortina. Maybe worth $2,000. The IDF stole the car from him at a checkpoint, knowing he was deaf mute and couldn't protest.

Yet another plan without a frame of reference to the economy

"The latest hit in the peace plan business comes from “Two States One Homeland,” an initiative that eschews both the two-state solution and the one-state solution, instead envisioning a confederation between Israel and a future Palestinian state. (+972)"

Peace—less lying is a good starting point

My conclusion after years of being in discussions on Israel Palestine is that the work starts with eliminating lies. Demanding people do better to be more honest and less hypocritical. That applies to everything.

Stepping outside the I-P domain let's consider Afghanistan and how truth is distorted.

OS Aid and pulling your weight

How about we have a serious look at what Australia contribute to OS aid and compare that to 2 Middle Eastern countries and Sweden from the perspective of the Millennium Project.

  • Israel because its the cause of the Palestinian refugee issue.
  • Saudi Arabia as it is a wealth country in the Arab world that we should rightly expect to at least match Australia.
  • Sweden as they appear in the top of all donation lists.
  • Australia because I believe we aren't doing near enough.

Senator Richard Di Natale Syria Response

During the week Senator Richard Di Natale on behalf of the Greens made a statement on TV news where he directly blamed the troubles in Syria and 600,000 deaths on President Assad. This is my response.

With respect,

Free speech... I'm being oppressed by the 'gay agenda'

Supplementary title... BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN

The following is a response to what are low level homophobic and bigoted blog posts and Facebook discussions that are about Palestine. 

This post contains images of heterosexuals exposing themselves in front of THE CHILDREN.

It is easy to spot the heterosexual male because few have any sense of style.

I support the rights of people to be homophobic or bigoted, that is a choice for the individual to make. What I will never support is lies and deception. If you plan on being a bigot don't make stuff up or use poor quality information, blame it on God and a religious text.

The Jewish Voice of Peace versus Alison Wier

Yet again the Jewish Voice of Peace (JVP) have pulled rug out from under an activist supporting a end to Palestinian suffrage. In this case Alison Weir and If American's Knew.

Unsurprisingly, divorce from these activists is not the end of the line. The organization continues to assault them with behind-the-scenes character assassinations and interventions to forestall their speaking engagements. Alison Weir reports several such instances of JVP interference and Atzmon documents the outspoken attempt of the Denver JVP to stop his appearance there. These efforts are disturbing to some JVP members who did not envision interfering with the free speech of other activists dedicated to Palestine at the behest of JVP’s Jewish board. JVP is now in the dirty business of judging, condemning and punishing Palestinian allies for not treating Jews or “Jewishness” with political correctness. This is probably the fate of all self-identified “Jewish” groups

Full Article on Gilad Atzmon's Blog

Many of us have had a bit to say on this. At issue here is the priorities, Palestinian suffrage where millions are effected versus a notional concept of Jewish identity. One is real and current, people have been suffering for over 67 years under the policies of Jewish fascism by Zionist Israel, the other is conceptual identity, leftist policies and political correctness. The JVP could perhaps claim to be a peek body of Jews and others opposed to Palestinian suffrage but their consistent actions against effective activists places them in the role of ADL lite.

Thoughts following a trip to Palestine

In the 6 months I spent in Palestine and Jordan living as a Palestinian, living in Bethlehem, living in the noman's land in Hebron and travelling the country I did not meet any Palestinians that were interested in solutions that didn't improve the quality of their lives.

Every Palestinian had Israeli friends. They would protest together against the settlement activity, they were trading with each other, they were listening to music in Hebrew, Arabic and English. Some specifically wanted to go and live in Tel Aviv because they were more interested in modernity.

I met people who lived in houses that were over 800 years old whose family tree was rooted in the very building in which they live. I met people who were eager to sell pottery, marble and compressed tiles. I stayed with a family with 13 children.

I met a young man that had been knifed by Israelis who a week earlier had been his "friends". I met people whose education had been interrupted by the 2nd intifada who could speak 3 languages but read and write none.

I saw work sites that were a danger to those on site. I saw a total lack of responsibility for the environment where cars were repaired and break fluid was poured onto the earth. I saw potters working with their feet next to open v-belts and kilns that belched carbon pollution into the environment.

I shot video in Hebron on the same side as the IDF with Palestinians and freely moved to the same side as the protester and continued to shoot. I took my shoes off at the direction of the IDF to enter the Ibrahim Mosque only to witness 40 members of the IDF inside with boots on.

I had multiple encounters with the PA security services... once they stopped me and closed the bonnet of my car with a smile. They chased me for 5 kms on the road when I failed to pull over because my Arabic speaking mates heard the instructions wrong, we all laughed.

I danced and laughed with the boys in an all male party before a wedding. I was told it was dance or sing else I would be insulting my hosts. Thank god I was able to avoid the singing. Others weren't so lucky.

I met 2 deaf brothers in Hebron who were routinely beaten up by the IDF because they could not hear instructions. One was required to get out of this car and the IDF then stole the car. I was at the disabled school near Bethlehem, the day after 200 children and 20 teaching staff had been teargassed while rehearsing the school performance for parents. I was with my friend swimming in a creek in the national park in Palestine when 30 Orthodox children arrived to swim, with 2 elders and 2 minders with anti-personnel weapons. You would need 2 minders with anti-personnel weapons to stop people LMAO in Australia if you "swam" in a suit.

I looked up from the cafe to the clearly empty rooms of the hotels in Bethlehem 2 weeks before Christmas. Empty because "Jewish Israel" (as my friends described it, or the Jewish Mafia) controlled who goes where and has turned Bethlehem into a place tourists are convinced into believing is unsafe, where they follow a person with a flag and rushed in and out of town so they don't spend any money in Palestine.

My friends who were due to meet me were detained at Ben Gurion Airport, jailed for 1/2 day and exported back to the USA. One was sexually assaulted under the guise of a cavity search. Jennifer is an American Jew and was an Israeli passport holder though travelling on her American passport. That she was to attend her Israeli aunt funeral, that her company had invested over $1M in a fuel tank design that was self-healing with the IDF... none of this mattered. She was sexually assaulted, jailed and then just to be spiteful reported to Interpol and Homeland Security as a suspected terrorist.

I met a young man in Bethlehem who will never be able to leave the hospital because he was shot in the back of the head. Paralysed down one side, part paralysed on the other, suffering from fits, unable to manage a stair, no chance of the bullet being removed without losing his life. And no where he can go. His home can't be adapted for his disability and there is no place where he can live. The rest of his life will be spent in the Bethlehem rehabilitation hospital.

Palestine is a disgrace, and a disgrace of Jewish making. You don't deserve a state. You have proved yourselves to be nothing by fascists and 66 years of Jewish fascism is more than enough. Jewish fascism is what Zionism is. There is no maybe, it is in the rabble in the street yelling "kill the Arabs", the brutality of the IDF, the lie of hasbara, the micro management of the boarders of another people, the 66 years of unrepentant oppression, the manipulation of international political opinion and the failure to take any responsibility for a refugee crisis entirely of Jewish fascist making.

The only thing saving the fascist Jewish state is the lazy western minds that are unable to comprehend the scale of the crime against humanity.

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