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Yet another plan without a frame of reference to the economy

"The latest hit in the peace plan business comes from “Two States One Homeland,” an initiative that eschews both the two-state solution and the one-state solution, instead envisioning a confederation between Israel and a future Palestinian state. (+972)"

This plan, like all the others I have seen, is the effort of the dog lazy. Who thinks they can reorder 2 states without coming up with a budget based on the 2 economies? 

The plan appeal is to those sick of the conflict and its solution to the conflict is to pretend it is going to vanish in a love fest. It is insulting as clearly the claim is that all the issues are just emotional and lack substance. Most/many Palestinians and most/many Israelis are capable of friendship. To suggest more ‘friendship’ is a solution to economic, justice and military depowerment issues is farfetched. 

There is a plan that doesn’t require masses of detail because by its nature, the resolution of issues is returned to democratic processes, that is a single state.  The issues that need to be considered in advance of this are the years of inequality generated by the occupation.  The issue is not the ‘Jewish character’, whatever that might be, one can only guess as this character seems to involve hideous architecture, holocaust moaning, aggressive mouths and actions, ignoring international law and international policy contamination of democracies. Perhaps it is old man wearing black and spitting on children for being underdressed however the Orthodox Jews have less support than the prior loud mouthed real-estate agents of occupation. 

Therefore what is needed to create a workable peace plan is an assessment of what has been stolen from the Palestinian people. The last person to make such an attempt was Folke Bernadotte and he was assassinated by members of the armed Jewish Zionist group Lehi (commonly known as the Stern Gang or Stern Group). A similar fate awaits anyone who makes such an attempt. Nevertheless to create any plan needs a full assessment of the current situation and at the top of such an assessment is what the monies are spent on now and where they will be spent after the construction of a reconciled state.

In reality people are motivated by self-interest far more than by love.  And on self-interest, nothing has more power than the dollar. So for a plan to be accepted there needs to be concrete proof that it leads to economic gains for all people in the population.  That means establishing some measure of savings to generate an excess that can be diverted to compensation without pain to the average Israeli. The most obvious place where savings can be made is in security. And this is where the concept has barriers to overcome. The Israeli economy is based on military industrial lords that have no intention of giving up the profits of the occupation. 

At the end of the day we are left with a single process that will lead to peace, the application of international law without prejudice. This is where the perceived Jewish character of Israel has to confront the reality of what it is; a criminal enterprise.

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Article | by Dr. Radut